samedi 15 mai 2010

While Kenny was climbing Sydney Harbour Bridge freezing himself to death i was all warm and cozy inside Miss Frou Frou, one of Sydney’s best salon, having my manicure done. ^^
Also met up with Janice whom i could click so well with just 5-minutes into our first meet up! First we have the same type of dogs (a husky and a maltese, both cannot get along with each other), same taste in fashion/make-up then when we go shopping we end up buying all the same things lol.
I dunno la, i am that type of person who love having the same items as my friends, unless the person is some lameass blogger with zero fashion sense trying to copy other people. I totally don’t mind lo! But i know there are people who would never buy the same thing if her friend also likes it, or worse not letting her friend get it because she wants it too wtf.
Why ah?
Anyway. Oh yea these are my Miss Frou Frou nails. Very pastel!
And lovely Trinity Scarf from Tourism Australia!!! She is super super nice and patient enough to listen to all my lame jokes wtf. (And i told her how i use wtf and fml a lot on my blog wtf)
Omg i completely embarrassed myself (ok now i’m pretty sure it was the champagne, not the restaurant) by making fun of her last name and telling her that she’s my new best friend FHL.
Trinity don’t hate me! >_<
All these awesome blog posts are brought to you by Only in Oz. Without which you will be super bored staring at with no update fyl.

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