jeudi 27 mai 2010

#4 Ok from my BB I dunno which picture is which picture! So you play “Match the caption” game la.
(Buys time wtf)

For spring, Liz Lisa has a lot of big, wavy light brown hair!
And suede + crystal accessories.

Suede starry earrings are from BACI.

I guess this is a picture of outfit?
Just in case you are wondering.
Flowery top: BACI
Denim shorts: Huiwen’s present from Thailand I love you baby!!!

If I’m wrong, I’m already all wrong. But if I’m not wrong, this pair of bootie is from some random shoe shop. Bought it for RM40. Bargain!!
Couldn’t find fringe boots in KL so this will have to do nao.
And then leopard print nails are done by @HRHnailstudio.

This one dunno is what. Prolly some random camwhore picture.

More camwhore picture I assume. If I happen to be holding a necklace, it says “Only You”, and is from BACI.

Wtf I dunno oredi.

I am starting to regret posting up so many camwhore pix.

Well then again camwhore pix prolly don’t need captions.

Just… “OHAI”.

Oh thank Cheesus. Last picture.
The lesson of the day is, when you travel, make sure you bring your laptop AND your charger.
Hope you feel cheated again.

dimanche 16 mai 2010

The complete guide to SLR camwhoring

WITHOUT using an SLR.

Is what i want to blog about today.
All achieved by a review unit of Olympus PEN E-PL1 (i wish it was mine. T______T_), my latest obsession.
Since this is a review and to be completely fair and honest, all pictures posted in this entry is absolutely unedited (except resizing). Non of those Photoshop nonsense. Zero.

And you are about to witness how incredible this camera is. I am amazed myself.

I feel an urge to bling it up like my current CreamCakeCam because it is actually quite small in size so it won’t look like a ridiculous bling tragedy!

Of course Koyuki became my first subject to test out this camera, and i fell instantly in love with this camera.
Just look at the SLR quality! No more carrying big and bulky camera and other nonsense in order to take excellent quality pictures.
One of the camera’s special feature is the Live Guide–a feature that allows you to see the result you want, live.

For example, you can adjust the saturation of the picture ON THE SPOT, and you can see the result instantly on the LCD screen.
I’m making it colorful and vivid!

This one i scroll it down to make it flat and muted
There are many more features you can play with, including the brightness, white balance, shutter speed etc.

This is an example of a slow, smooth and flowy waterfall using the Express Motion feature, set to Blurred Motion.

And this is the crisp, stop-motion like water drop effect!
And with this Live Guide, you no longer need to know or learn SLR photography terms and skills to shoot but still can produce professional like photos. You can play with it at the Olympus website here.
Ok, back to the guide to SLR camwhoring.
So yes, i would like a camera that allows me to take those artsy-fartsy canggih manggih SLR quality pictures, but i don’t really want to/can’t be bothered to get familiarize with all those technical stuff.
I mean, seriously, who cares about apertures and AF system and shutter speed if they can afford not to? Honestly i just want a camera that does all those crap for me and save all my precious time.
The reason why i never wanted an SLR camera is because they are so big that it is absolutely pointless. Yes, SLRs are perfect for taking pictures of other people/things. BUT WHAT ABOUT ME???? Unless you have a someone (who is SLR savvy enough) with you all the time, how on earth can you camwhore with an SLR????
And then i met Olympus PEN E-PL1.
And without wasting time, let me show you the art of SLR camwhoring—without actually having an SLR. Every single photo in this post is taken by me.

One woman show!

It comes with many different scene modes, including the usual night scene, night portrait, and also some special ones like high key, low key, candle and document. One of my absolute favorite mode is e-Portrait.

Believe it or not, like i insisted, this picture is 100% PS free. The e-Portrait mode makes your skin soft and smooth max like baby.
<3 <3 <3!!!!
Another feature i super love about this cam is the ART filter. I know you guys always ask how i PS my pictures so colorful/so nostalgic/so flawless etc etc etc.
Now you just need a camera like this, and you can uninstall your Photoshop for good.

Pop Art
Makes the picture super colorful.
Hair Bow: BACI
Necklace & Dress: Beautiful Disaster

Soft Focus
Makes you look like an angel wtf.

Grainy Film
Makes you look Audrey-Hepburnly super-star.

Pin Hole
I love this very much! Gives an artsy feeling to the picture.

Diorama is a feature that allows your pic to appear in a miniature form. Well this is not the best example of subject, but you still can use it for portraits like this picture, whereby the edges are blurred, which makes it even more SLR-like!

Gentle Sepia
Ok i decided to post more because i’m enjoying this post so so much i spend hours camwhoring until i forgot to eat T_______T

This is soft focus again. It is very Ageha-like! All the Ageha models look like this, i just need to add many many bling bling diamontes and stars around me.

This is diorama.
Looks like fasion magazine arrggghhh <3 max!

More diorama

Pin Hole effect. (Corset Wedges from Yunique Paradise)
And lastly two of my fav pictures.

I really cannot believe i did this without any Photoshop AT ALL.
This is a record.

Nao you can camwhore professionally and produce SLR-quality pictures, without needing one. I believe as a SLR noob, my pictures above is sufficiently convincing that noobs can take good pictures too with the perfect camera, so i don’t want to bore you with all the technicalities (also because i don’t really understand them). You can go to evolvewitholympus if you want the specifications.
Oh, before i forget,  the camera records HD quality movie in SLR quality. In fact, it is  of much better quality than a video cam.

samedi 15 mai 2010

nnaward12 by you.
This is Violet Le Beaux she is so. damn. cute. Omg omg i love her everything her hair and nails and everything else!
My manager wtf without him i can eat grass or dead Xmas tree outside my balcony, turn green and die.
And i’m doing him a big favor by cutting his botak head off so he more hensem nao heheheh!
Wendy i dunno how she wanna PS her face so i didn’t do much she’s already gorgeous anyway with her new small face and all so jeles iosowan!!!!!!

Pink leopard print nails

My new nails are to match my previous Hair Bun video! I’m crazy pink raperrrt preen.

Result is liddis.
It is actually very very super simple to do! I was inspired to get mine done after watching Violet Le Beaux’s nail tutorial!
Except that i did it in pink.

Clean buffed nails, and my ga-chang lol.

Paint a layer of base coat to protect your nails blah blah. Normally i don’t really care, but since i have it then i use lo.

Paint your fav shade of baby pink, then use a darker pink and paint random dots on your nails.

Like polka except that it doesn’t have to be very round and symmetrical. Cheat One Polka.

After that, use a dark brown/black paint brush and draw thin lines over the dots. I prefer thin strokes instead of blotches of ink to mimic that furry effect.
Doesn’t matter if it is messy, because based on my experience, no matter how lousy a nail painter you are, from far it will look good anyhow!

Add some crystals if you like. I am using the CreamCakeCam left over blings.

By the way,

Congratulations to Ichigo!

She’s my longest friend and she got the name Ichigo because we were learning  fruit’s names in Japanese when we were 16 or something wtf.
Anyway i was her captain jimui today and i damn fail max ok. Cuz i was too kind hearted the most cruel thing i made the hengdai do was to drink Ribena+Milo fml. I mean, unFTL. T______T
Haha so yesterday i was helping her with all the wedding preparation, and i helped her write this:

Prenup for the groom HAHAHAH

OMFG damn 7 long never write mandarin i am so damn amazed at myself, haven’t all thrown back to Cikgu yet!!!
Ok i better pan leng leng nao bai.
PS: I’m waiting for wedding dinner nao too free that’s why i blog. Faster say i good.
PS2: Ichigo said got yu chee (shark fin) to eat later yay HAHA dunno why i find it quite funny. We always call her Yu Chee Gou (Shark Fin cake wtf).
Xpax Bigfreekinsale

And i am so glad that i have my BB back in Seremban because the internet was really slow so at least i can still check mails and whatnot with my BB.

You know what makes me happier?
Weekend with free BB access! Since i subscribe to Xpax BB plan every single day, i noticed that in Saturday, i didn’t receive any notification that RM2.50 is deducted from my credit for BB plan auto-renewal. That means it actually works!!!
I’m actually saving money without realizing it! If you are an Xpax BB user too, be reminded that in this coming two months, you will be saving money while BBing, just in case you didn’t realize. :)
From 11-Jan to 31-Marc, if you subscribed your Xpax BB plan for 5 consecutive weekday (meaning you don’t do anything for 5 days), and you get to enjoy weekday subscription for free! Awesome!! That’s RM5 off every week. And in a month, you will save RM20. That means your Xpax BB plan will only be RM50!
Check out the Bigfreekingsale for more!


Song from Capsule, in Sugarless Girl album.



Impossible to camwhore with her cuz she will bite my hand. T____T

Corset wedges from Yunique Paradise. If you want to purchase any shoe from them, just mention Cheeserland and you will get free shipping!





Hennessy Artistry
Again, don’t forget about the party at: