jeudi 27 mai 2010

#4 Ok from my BB I dunno which picture is which picture! So you play “Match the caption” game la.
(Buys time wtf)

For spring, Liz Lisa has a lot of big, wavy light brown hair!
And suede + crystal accessories.

Suede starry earrings are from BACI.

I guess this is a picture of outfit?
Just in case you are wondering.
Flowery top: BACI
Denim shorts: Huiwen’s present from Thailand I love you baby!!!

If I’m wrong, I’m already all wrong. But if I’m not wrong, this pair of bootie is from some random shoe shop. Bought it for RM40. Bargain!!
Couldn’t find fringe boots in KL so this will have to do nao.
And then leopard print nails are done by @HRHnailstudio.

This one dunno is what. Prolly some random camwhore picture.

More camwhore picture I assume. If I happen to be holding a necklace, it says “Only You”, and is from BACI.

Wtf I dunno oredi.

I am starting to regret posting up so many camwhore pix.

Well then again camwhore pix prolly don’t need captions.

Just… “OHAI”.

Oh thank Cheesus. Last picture.
The lesson of the day is, when you travel, make sure you bring your laptop AND your charger.
Hope you feel cheated again.

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  1. fxck. stop copying cheesie.
    everybody, pls go to
    this is just a copycat that keeps on ripping stuff off
    thank you.