samedi 15 mai 2010

The Green party

I can’t express enough how much i love fashion. Fashion is life. And i can’t have more fun dressing up for spring time.
When i travel, i can’t bear to wear the same combination of outfit twice. I don’t mind mixing and matching for different feels. These are my fashion shots taken in Nagoya
Want to get inspired and get a peek of what’s hot this spring in Malaysia?
There’s the Curve Fashion Week, happening 6-9 May 2010, at where else but the Curve!
The theme for the fashion week is The Green Party.
I love green!
Green is a fresh, soothing and chic colour. It is also the ‘in colour’ for spring/summer collections.  Green is used to depict a season of growth, rebirth and renewal which gives an impression of new beginnings. Through this direction, the Curve wants to highlight the ‘rebirth of fashion’ and encourage its shoppers try new styles and looks available at the Curve.
As for the ambiance, the color green will be featured in the Centre Court of the Curve and will be complemented with a stylish white runway. I can’t wait to see what The Curve is coming with the deco! I always love the Curve’s festival decoration the best. I think they have the most enchanting Christmas deco every year. ;)

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