mercredi 27 octobre 2010

This color is the closest to real life i think. No photoshop.
But later i will PS all my pictures so if you want to refer to the color, this picture is the unedited one.

Edited. Pink lenses from ViviFashion.

After i tonged my hair.
Since i’m in such awesome mood nao, imma show you different ways to use a fluffy scrunchie.



(Ok i dunno what it is called, exactly. Whatever.)
I love fluffy scrunchy because they are very tight and secure. I don’t need rubber bands prior to using it! So just use one scrunchie, you can transform your hair into many looks.

Way 1.
Tie a small chunk of hair. Will make you look underaged. Most of the models from Hanachu, Pichi Lemon, Nicola and Love Berry do this hair style. I don’t really like it but well, just for varieties.

Way 2.
Tie a chunk of hair into a small bun.

Way 3.
Tie a half pony tail.

Will look liddis.

Way 4.
Half pony tail but you just pull the fluffy scrunchie downwards for that effect. I dunno how to explain la.

Will look liddis. It happens when i was trying to pull out the scrunchie but half way through i was like, hey, it looks kinda nice wtf. Cheat One™.

Way 5.
Tie up all your hair into a bun. This look is very casual. And super convenient for this bloody hot CNY weather. Everybody should have a fluffy scrunchie.

Way 6.
Erm, just pull out the aforementioned bun in a scrunchie and you will end up having this.

Haih. Without my hair extensions nao it looks so short fml T_____T. I have no confidence to do fluffy hair bun anymore T_____T.

No more fluffy scrunchie liao. Just wanna show off new hair.

Hope you all feel cheated again and have learnt absolutely nothing at all.

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