jeudi 12 août 2010

Lateral Canthoplasty

Of course then apply however much make up humanly possible on the eyes. Make sure you extend your liner all the way to the inner corner to make it look like you have cut your inner corner, and also apply mascara below your lower lash line to make it look like you have cut your eyes bigger wtf.
Ok vain pix time and super PSed photos. I wanna thank whoever created Photoshop. It makes people feel good especially people like me who hide behind a computer screen blogging all i need to do is not go out to the streets and people will never know how i really look like. (Even if i go out no one would recognize me because i PSed myself to look so different.)
Amazing, isn’t it.
However, Photoshop can only satisfy you so much lo. Of course anyone would prefer the real deal. For instance, cyber sex and real sex. Which one better? You tell me.

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